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Sky Horse Calligraphy

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by Ngak'chang Rinpoche

​rTa – means horse.

The horse neighs—rTa sKad—and the world shakes at the sound of rTa mGrin, the triple horse headed awareness being – the wrathful aspect of Buddha ’ö-Pag’mèd who transforms obsessive derangement into  pervasive empathetic appreciation.

Kham and Golok—whence came most of the great Nyingma Lama—is horse country. The horse is a symbol of life-force, auspiciousness, and skill. To ride the horse of subtle energy is to attain liberation. The rTa kha ’then – reins in the horse. The rTa kha sRab kyis bsGyur ba – guides the horse. The rTa gal – are the saddle bags – and the rTa go is the horse’s armour. The wind horse—rLung rTa—is the spacious vitality of the practitioner that must be raised if one is to become the horse lord who protects all beings.