Vajrayana is Art. We therefore see, hear, imagine, inhale, taste and feel the efflorescence of the senses as Art.

Ngak'chang Rinpoche

  • Fixin To Die Blues4:07

ravings of a mild-mannered maniac
volume one

from ARO Books

As both a painter and a musician, this anthology is painted with the cadences of language. Ngakpa Chögyam marvels at existence whilst lampooning sociopathic spirituality. As semantic Jazz, linguistic density jives with space, taking readers into realms where linear logic is simply another vector among many.

Comedy and tragedy dance, provoking a cascade of ecstatic, surrealistic impressionism that transcends with each reading. Rock & Roll lyrics sung by sky-dancers erupt in counterpoint to the paradoxical hymns and Blues-badinage of an English Lama who describes himself as a convivial vicar of vajrayana.

The poet is an enigmatic trans-Atlantic, transcultural, trans-gestalt, trans-milieu, transient; a mild-mannered maniac who raves tongue-in-cheek, on the nature of reality and the contrapuntalism of realization and delusion.

An experimental book and initial volume in a contemporary genre defined as "Critical Mass Poetics" by Ngakpa Chögyam (Ngak'chang Rinpoche).​

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